Marvel Studios: Daniel Radcliffe becomes a Wolverine badass on this fan-made illustration

Marvel Studios: Daniel Radcliffe

Between Harry Potter and Logan, there is a gap that this fan-art crossed briskly!

Since the end of the Harry Potter saga, Daniel Radcliffe has not had the opportunity to embody another character as iconic as that of the famous wizard devised by J.K Rowling. We remember the British actor started his career on the big screen in 1999, thanks to the role of David Copperfield in the film of the same name. Now 30 years old, he has been able to build a beautiful filmography, between popular films like Elusive 2 and more confidential projects like Horns. Nevertheless, his fans are still waiting for the moment when they will once again have the opportunity to see the actor in the skin of a hero: why not with Wolverine, in the X-Men reboot planned by Marvel Studios?

Marvel Studios: Daniel Radcliffe


This is what the artist named Eren Gürocak imagined with a fan-made illustration posted on social networks. Daniel Radcliffe has a cigarette in his mouth, his cheeks devoured by a heavy beard, and his hair is styled the same way as those of Hugh Jackman in the Fox franchise. Of course, he’s armed with the character’s famous adamantium claws, and he wears the black and green jumpsuit that Marvel’s comic book readers know well. The choice of the actor by the artist is not unanimous in the comments, but it is nonetheless a cinematographic version of Logan that could prove more faithful than the previous one. Indeed, the mutant is 1.60 m in the comics and Daniel Radcliffe 1.65 m, while Hugh Jackman is 1.88 m! Otherwise there is also the Taron Egerton option, which is pretty good for Wolverine’s yellow jumpsuit on this fan-art …





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