Marvel Studios Taron Egerton

Marvel Studios: Taron Egerton soon in the MCU? The actor responds

Marvel Studios Taron Egerton

After the Kingsman agency, will Taron Egerton join the MCU team?

It is not the first time that the words Marvel Studios and Taron Egerton have been combined. Earlier this summer, a rumor put him in the running to embody an X-Men and not just any since it was Wolverine. Since then, the canvas has not let go of the piece. In the middle of the Oscar campaign for the film Rocketman, in which he plays the icon Elton John, the British actor returned to his potential arrival in the MCU.

Marvel Studios Taron Egerton

Unless Taron Egerton is hiding something from us, his arrival in the MCU is therefore not planned. In any case, if a role was offered to him, one tends to think that his answer would be positive “If the telephone rang, I would, of course, be very, very interested in the idea.” he added to the microphone of Yahoo UK. It is not only in Wolverine’s costume that some would like to see it. The artist Bosslogic had, for example, represented him in the role of Johnny Storm alias the Human Torch (see above). With all the new characters and new storylines coming to the MCU, who knows? There may be a place for Taron Egerton. Especially since Matthew Vaughn, the director of the Kingsman saga in which the actor plays the spy Eggsy Unwin, would be ready to achieve the reboot of the Fantastic 4.





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