Robert Pattinson's Batman

Robert Pattinson’s Batman could be in Justice League reboot

Robert Pattinson's Batman

There will be reboot in the air. If you have an impression of already seen in the next years at the level of the DCEU, it is normal, the Warner Bros. studios. have apparently decided to start from scratch with all their gear. We already know that James Gunn will make a complete remodeling of the team of super-villains in The Suicide Squad, now it seems that J. Abrams could do the same with Justice League. Against the backdrop of unresolved debate about Zack Snyder’s famous undisclosed version, the director behind the last Star Wars scheduled for December 18th would have agreed with the producers to try once again to offer the film he deserves to the super-hero team adored by the DC Comics.

But what is “new” is that Robert Pattinson, the new Bruce Wayne of The Batman, could become the leader of this new team which we do not know yet if it would take the same actors. It would indeed be related to the same universe, unlike the Joker, entirely thought of as a full movie by Todd Phillips. And he would be well off to start a trilogy if we believe the words of We Got This Covered! Farewell Ben Affleck, possibly farewell Henry Cavill and hello to the old vampire. It is certain that a reboot only a few years after the release of the original will be chatting in the cottages, but the complaints have been such that Warner Bros. studios. decided to slice the pear in half and make a clean sweep with the version of Zack Snyder / Joss Whedon. What do you think?





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