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Spider-Man 3: A sequel planned in 2023 but outside the MCU?

Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, the release date of his fourth solo movie … Peter Parker is a complicated superhero!


Of all the heroes of the MCU, the one whose fate is the most uncertain at the moment is undoubtedly Peter Parker! According to the new deal between Sony and Marvel, our friendly neighborhood spider is supposed to appear in two more films from the House of Ideas. So there will be the continuation of Far From Home, planned in 2021, and another project, perhaps a cross-over with other vigilantes (as was the case at Captain America: Civil War). However, according to rumors, two other trilogies would be planned in the MCU after Spider-Man 3, which seems impossible. Unless the future of Peter Parker is really developing, but outside the Marvel universe!

spider-man 3

Knowing that a new part of the Spider-Man franchise is unveiled every two years, it is expected logically that the fourth is screened in theaters in 2023. According to some sources, Marvel would predict that the arc Peter Parker’s narrative leads him out of the MCU to Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters! What to avoid the House of Ideas to sign other contracts about the character. Knowing that a cross-over with Spider-Man in Venom 2 was teased by Ruben Fleischer, the director of Eddie Brock’s first solo film, the Spider-Man has an all-out way out. Whether or not he remains in the MCU for the rest of his adventures, it is certain that the vigilante embodied by Tom Holland has a bright future ahead of him!

Spider-Man 3







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