Star Wars 9: The Complete Look of the Knights of Ren Revealed

The look of the Knights of Ren is revealed on the cover of a book on the last episode of the saga.

SOURCE :Star Wars

Earlier this month, we were talking about Melty’s potential design of Kylo Ren’s army in Star Wars 9. The Ren’s Knights look is now almost fully visible thanks to Skywalker’s Visual Ascension Visual Dictionary. . It is a fan who has published on Twitter the cover of the book illustrated, giving a clear overview of the behavior of warriors. Their helmet has a design that is reminiscent of Kylo Ren, due to the presence of long grooves on the front and its shape. As for the great sword that serves as a weapon, it seems to be more complex (and probably more dangerous) than at first.

Grant Gould@grant_gould_art


Voir l'image sur Twitter

Ren’s Knights look more than ready for action, especially fighting. Kylo Ren probably does not want to play. But will this army be useful to him in his epic fight against Rey? Epic is the word that seems ideal to define the end of the saga Star Wars. Between the impressive lightsaber duels, the return of some characters like Palpatine, the upcoming revelations about the character of Rey, and hopefully much more, it is clear that this episode may not leave indifferent. At least that’s all we hope for. Answer in theaters December 18 to attend the conclusion of the most epic intergalactic saga of all time.






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