The Joker: The unveiled trailer, Joaquin Phoenix is a wounded and scary clown

After rumors, shooting photos and some enigmatic statements, the first official trailer of the movie The Joker has just been unveiled. The Warner surprised us a little announcing many projects around the character DC Comics, so much so that we no longer know whom Jared Leto or Joaquin Phoenix would lend his features to the character and in which film. If the last appearance of the Joker in Suicide Squad left many bitter fans, the new version proposed by Joaquin Phoenix should please them because the actor is striking on these first images.

In this new trailer, we discover Arthur Fleck, a man despised by the society that will gradually give way to madness in the city of Gotham. In the cast, we find alongside Joaquin Phoenix Zazie Beetz (Deadpool), Frances Conroy (American Horror Story) or Bill Camp (Red Sparrow). It is Todd Phillips who signs the realization of this movie planned in the dark rooms on October 9th. We do not know about you, but on our side, we are rather convinced by these first images!

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