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Thor 4: Could Chris Hemsworth appear as fat Thor

Discovered in Avengers Endgame, will this version of the famous God of Thunder appear in Love & Thunder?
Ironically enough, one of the least expected elements of Avengers Endgame was the physical change of the God of Thunder. At the beginning of the film, we see him shoot down the Mad Titan, paraphrasing Thanos’ famous replica of Infinity War, “You should have aimed your head”, just before he snaps his fingers. However, when we find it much later, when the remaining Avengers take over the beast with the release of Scott Lang of the Quantum Kingdom, it is a god of Thunder somewhat different that we are dealing. The character played by Chris Hemsworth since his first solo film in 2011 is unrecognizable: beer in hand, belly over the T-shirt, dirty clothes on the back, sitting on his sofa all day, beard and neglected hair …

Will this version quickly renamed by the fans “fat Thor” will it be present in Thor 4, officially announced in the calendar of Phase 4 of Marvel Studios? Already, you must know that this physical upheaval is impressive for a character usually rather barred. There are several reasons for this neglect of Odin’s son: first of all, he feels guilty for not killing the Mad Titan when he had the opportunity. Secondly, Thanos killed his half-brother Loki and his faithful friend Heimdall in Infinity War, depriving him of two companions present since the beginning of his adventures (even if with the first, everything was not always pink). Third, in Ranarok, her half-sister, the Goddess of Death, Hela, was destroying her Kingdom and birthplace, Asgard. Which, you will agree, would cause anyone to become severely depressed.

But at the end of Avengers Endgame, the dead superheroes are all back in the flesh! The people of Asgard are safe and perfectly healthy in Norway, and the son of Odin bequeathed the reins of power to the warrior Valkyrie, making her the new Queen. Thor seems to have recovered from the hair of the beast, since he seems determined to embark with the Guardians of the Galaxy for new adventures (despite the lack of enthusiasm of Star Lord!). Apart from the death of Loki (who will probably not prevent him from being back in Phase 4 Marvel Studios), his life has resumed a course almost normal when seen for the last time. So, according to the time that has elapsed since Avengers Endgame until we find the hero in Love & Thunder, we predict that the son of Odin will have recovered its usual shape!






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