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Thor 4: How did Taika Waititi succeed in relaunching the franchise?

Director Taika Waititi arrived like a thunderclap on the Thor franchise, and was able to revive the interest of the public. What is his secret?
It was one of the very good news announced at the 2019 edition of Comic-Con San Diego: Thor will return to our screens for a fourth film. Entitled Thor: Love and Thunder, this Thor 4 will see arrive a new god of thunder (or rather a goddess) in the person of Jane Foster. He also signs the return of Taika Waititi as a director. His arrival in the MCU was not without noise, as he brought a breath of fresh air unexpectedly on the Thor franchise. Knowing it again behind the camera for Thor 4 delights as much as the return of the hero himself. Especially since the director intends to use the same recipe as for Thor Ragnarok. Besides, what is this recipe?

The answer could be very simple and stop at a simple word: humor. But Thor Ragnarok is much more than a more funny version of Thor. It must be admitted that the first two films were much more serious. The first, directed by the British Kenneth Branagh (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets), had a Shakespearean side very specific to the director’s style, and is still appreciated. The second, Thor: The World of Darkness, directed by Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) did not receive the same praise, often judged as too boring, he was not able to convince.

In other words, between these two first films and the crazy and crazy version of Taika Waititi, there is a whole world, see many. While Thor had so far been portrayed as a hero who takes himself very seriously, stoic, self-assured, arrogant, Thor Ragnarok (nicely) mocks him and his character traits, but without erase or even forget his sensitivity. Just as the franchise was looking again with this new opus, the god of thunder is also forced to question once his dear lost Mjolnir. He realizes his true power, his power, and the importance of the Asgardian leadership. It does not gain in size by its title, but by its evolution and its awareness.


Thor Ragnarok turned everything upside down for Thor (and even made him lose an eye!). He was not the first son of Odin, he does not always need his hammer, and to be king it does not only work on Asgard. Things are not only black and white. Even his relationship with his brother Loki is a little more explored, and some memories of their childhood are mentioned. One can feel the attachment that (always) the god of malice feels for his half-brother. Loki even ends up defending Asgard by his side, and then makes the choice to join him on his ship. Very logically, he will give his life to defend him when he faces Thanos, in Avengers Infinity War.

That’s not to mention the arrival of new characters who have quickly become favorites of the public, including the Badass Valkyrie, played by the excellent Tessa Thompson, and the facetious Grand Master of Sakaar played by none other than Jeff Goldblum. As for Hulk and Bruce Banner, they had the right to a rewrite, introducing the dilemma that haunts the scientist: who is he really? The Hulk or Bruce Banner? That sums up the magic of Taika Waititi. The action succeeds on a background of humor, color, and sometimes parodic moments, without completely setting aside what characterizes the characters so well. Even the actors, especially Chris Hemsworth, seemed to take more pleasure. An offbeat side that may not please everyone, but still found its place in an MCU for the moment very codified. Highly the release of Thor 4!






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