you season 3

You season 3: could Joe kill SPOILER?

A season 3 of You will see the day and we all wonder if Joe could kill SPOILER in the following …

you season 3

Joe has not finished showing us all the colors … Season 2 of You was released on December 26 on Netflix and it must be recognized, these new episodes were crazy and thrilling. Joe found even crazier than him in the person of Love. In the last minutes of Season 2 of You Season 2, Joe discovered that Love had actually killed Delilah and then Candace (and the au pair who looked after her with her brother …). These revelations shocked Joe and he was ready to kill his girlfriend … However, she announced to him that she was pregnant with him and he seemed happy to become a future father. But then, could Joe kill the mother of his child in season 3 of You?


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Will Joe kill Love?

Many questions remain unanswered and the cliffhanger of the Season Finale of season 2 of You left us perplexed. Joe settled in with Love while waiting for the arrival of their child and he met his new prey … who is none other than his neighbor. His new obsession could drive Love mad and we know that this couple is completely upset. They could both be looking to kill each other, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Joe murdered Love in season 3 of You. With the writers of the Netflix series, nothing would surprise us. For the moment, no details have been released regarding the next episodes but until we know more, find out if a season 3 of You was really necessary.






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