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5 superhero more powerful than Captain Marvel that we would like to see arriving in the MCU

Kevin Feige said it again and again: Captain Marvel is definitely the most powerful hero of the MCU so far. And we saw it in his solo film, as in Avengers Endgame. Can not make it appear longer than 30 mins, otherwise, the logic would have wanted it to kill the game instantly. But in the comics, there are characters much more powerful than she and they could well land in the MCU one day or the other. Some much earlier than expected! Whether they are Eternal, Celestial or even X-Men, it will take a bunch of Avengers to stop them if they decide to be on the wrong side! Obviously, there are many others, Adam Warlock, the Silver Surfer or Black Arrow, but we chose 5 in a totally subjective way, that’s life!


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