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    Favorite in the Oscar race for best actor, Chadwick Boseman unfortunately did not receive a posthumous award. The opportunity nevertheless to discover the short documentary devoted to his career. Sunday April 25, 2021, for the second time in the history of the Oscars – with the exception of the 1971 edition – the ceremony did […] More

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    LE BLUES DE MA RAINEY, swan song by Chadwick Boseman

    With this feature film directed by the incredible Viola Davis, George C. Wolfe makes us discover the story of the “mother of the blues”, but above all it offers us the most beautiful performance of Chadwick Boseman. The heat is as heavy as the atmosphere is oppressive. However, Ma Rainey’s blues notes fly to the […] More

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    Emancipations and roads on the screen: history of a rout

    The horns of the Lancia Aurelia Rouge punctuated the initiation of a Jean-Louis Trintignant in Il Sorpaso in 1962. from the road a line of flight. The road was there the excellent emblem of freedom, the element which allowed the characters to escape the grip of the circles to which the racist, capitalist and conservative […] More

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    Top 15 films set in space

    It’s not just Thomas Pesquet who can get laid! Here are the 15 most searched space movies on Google. After the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first flight in space on April 12 and, recently, the SpaceX Crew-2 flight to the ISS, with the French Thomas Pesquet and three other American and Japanese astronauts on […] More

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    What the day owes to the night, from the novel to the film

    The boundaries between art and literature are blurring more and more, the adaptation of world-famous literary works into films is increasingly emerging in cinema and the examples are numerous: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (2005), Les miserables by Victor Hugo (2012), Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert (2015) etc. A look back at the adaptation […] More

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    the complete list of winners

    blank - the complete list of winners

    The 93rd Academy Awards, hosted by director Steven Soderbergh, took place at a train station in Los Angeles last night. On this occasion, NOMADLAND triumphed with three awards, back on the prize list of the evening. Better movie NOMADLAND by Chloé Zhao THE FATHER by Florian ZellerJUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH by Shaka KingMANK by […] More

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    THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER facing the myth of America

    This week marks the end of THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER, the new series from Marvel Studios. Far from the universe previously painted by the nugget Wandavision, this production ultimately turns out to be the most political of the MCU. Diametrically opposed to the universe of Wandavision which had fascinated many spectators during its […] More

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    FRAMING BRITNEY SPEARS, a long ethical questioning

    Not content with denouncing the scandalous placing under supervision of the pop star, the New York Times documentary asks us as a bonus about our relationship with the media and, more particularly, with the tabloid press of the 2000s. February 16, 2007. Britney spears, pursued by a horde of paparazzi, enters a Los Angeles barbershop. […] More

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    THE ONE: what if true love comes from genetics?

    A common theme and exploited by all the arts, the search for a soul mate is at the heart of the postulate proposed by the Netflix series, THE ONE. The stakes of this so-called science fiction, with ambitious airs, have they managed to make us fall under the spell? New creation of Howard overman, to […] More

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    THE SUBSTITUTE: incident report

    With this TV movie narrating the misadventures of a temporary French teacher, TF1 no longer even tries to avoid the pitfalls. Worse, fiction now seems to become a pretext to flatter clichés and reassure the audience. Months that the trailers are running around the clock: Joey starr will be the replacement, a professor of letters […] More

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    WONDER WOMAN 1984, and the DCEU was extinguished

    The continuation of the adventures of Diana Prince, available on VOD, has not benefited from a theatrical release. We quickly understand why: devoid of stakes and devoid of rhythm, Wonder Woman 1984 is a long, tasteless story with a very awkward subtext. 1984: Diana Prince is fully integrated into the company, where she works as […] More

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