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Aquaman 2: The release date revealed and it’s not for now

The first part is so much a hit they just announced the sequel!

We must beat the iron while it is still hot as they say. And that, the producers of DC Films understood it well. While Aquaman has broken all records since its release last December 14, Warner Bros Studios have just announced the sequel, while the production has not even begun. But no need to rush on your calendar, because it is clearly not for now: If you are told December 16, 2022 American date, it speaks to you? Apparently no, but you’ll be happy to know that it’s a Friday and that there is a good chance that we, the French, have the right to discover a little before, on Wednesday 14 December 2022. It’s good to know that it will be almost exactly a week before celebrating the four years of the release of the first part!

Yes, four years of waiting, it seems really very long, but it must be said that the DC Films calendar is already well loaded, since we are waiting firmly Suicide Squad 2, 1984 Wonder Woman, Birds Of Prey, The Batman, The Joker and we still go a lot … It will be necessary to complete all these films before the production of Aquaman 2 begins. Well, it always gives you the time to redo all the DC movies by respecting the timeline at least 10 times, just to be ready to 100% before going to watch the rest of the adventures of Arthur and Mera in the cinema. Of course, even if James Wan already has specific ideas for the future, no script has been validated yet, so we can not give you details on the plot, and not until a few months (or years) apparently! You will have to take your patience if you are Jason Momoa fans!

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