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    Aquaman 2: The release date revealed and it’s not for now

    blank - Aquaman 2: The release date revealed and it's not for now

    The first part is so much a hit they just announced the sequel! We must beat the iron while it is still hot as they say. And that, the producers of DC Films understood it well. While Aquaman has broken all records since its release last December 14, Warner Bros Studios have just announced the […] More

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    Avengers take the battle to the next level on these epic concept arts

    The Avengers are gathered in full on these concept-arts, and are preparing to defend dearly their skin against the Crazy Titan! the hype around Avengers 4 has become the strongest since the release of the new Endgame teaser at the Super Bowl, graphic designer Yadvender Singh has broadcast on Instagram epic concepts of the justices […] More

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    Venom 2: it’s confirmed for Tom Hardy with … maybe Spider-Man

    blank - Venom 2: it's confirmed for Tom Hardy with ... maybe Spider-Man

    Venom proved to be a success beyond Sony’s craziest expectations. Despite murderous criticism, Tom Hardy’s first Marvel experience has accumulated $ 852 million worldwide (2.3 million admissions in France) for a budget of 100 million. Jackpot! Suffice to say that Sony who was lost with his superheroes after the failures of the Fantastic Four and […] More

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    Review: Glass

    blank - Review: Glass

    Critical Attention, this review contains spoilers … After a long crossing of the desert, Mr. Night Shyamalan is back on the front of the stage thanks to The Visit, the especially Split whose post-generic scene had packed the long-time fans of the author-director. He now has the opportunity to give the Unbreakable 2 that he […] More

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    Review: Polar

    blank - Review: Polar

    What if John Wick was a B series? Critical After the awesome trailer, my mission was to watch this John Wick with Mads Mikkelsen sauce. Result to the height? Delirium in madness If apparently, Polar looks a lot like John Wick with a hint of Snake Plissken. The reality is different. Unlike John Wick who […] More

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    A true sequel to SOS Ghosts 2 by Jason Reitman, son of Ivan

    blank - A true sequel to SOS Ghosts 2 by Jason Reitman, son of Ivan

    A connected suite The first attempt to restart the license via the female reboot has messed up, so we start again. However, this time, we are getting closer to the originals. From father to son Variety tells us that Jason Reitman, son of Ivan Reitman, the director of SOS Ghosts (1984) and SOS Ghosts 2 […] More

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    Aquaman: an (improbable) spin-off on … the developing pit

    This is the new weekend WTF! We could have looked for years and years, I think nobody would have guessed this idea. It must be said that the spirits of Warner have something unreal. They are not like us. Aquaman’s analysis They want to do a spin-off of Aquaman. So far, not surprising given the […] More