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Avatar 2: James Cameron teases the progress of the project and the next films


Avatar 2

While fans have been waiting for several years for the continuation of Avatar, its director James Cameron today teases the progress of the project and the other films scheduled.

A few weeks ago, we discovered the first filming photo of Avatar 2, which had already made the mouth water to the most impatient fans. If the shooting of the second part is finished for this year, the director James Cameron offers us a Christmas gift in advance by revealing today the progress of the shooting of Avatar 2, 3 and even 4! Although the production is kept secret and after a release date postponed many times, the Avatar project could now be on the right track, at least that is what James Cameron suggests in an interview with Variety.

James Cameron on the set of Avatar.

avatar 2

Confident of him, the filmmaker and producer confided in the huge project represented by Avatar 2 and its suites: “from 2013 until today we have built the whole world for the four films. We have written and finished the script for these four films. We have the full cast and finished shooting Avatar 2, 3 and the first part of 4. We’re almost done with live-action. We have a few months left in New -Zealand in the spring, so everything seems to meet our expectations. ” Thereafter, James Cameron expressed himself on the expectation of the project that this represented for the public: “people do not realize the extent and the complexity of the process. To take the comparison, it is like making two films Animation films and a half. Generally, animation films take four years to be made, so if you do the math, everything seems to prepare normally for a release in 2021. ”

avatar 2


For his part, the producer, Jon Landau underlined the technical progress towards which the films tend and had specified that the shooting of the main actors was complete. While recalling the excitement of working with Disney and its CEO, Bob Iger – after the Fox takeover – Jon Laudau also said that things were going as planned for the production of Avatar. Therefore, if we can hope to get new images in 2020, this information promises, in any case, great things for the saga whose second kick-off will be given in 2021!


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