James Cameron Reveals

Avatar 4 and avatar 3 Scenes Already Shot To Avoid ‘Stranger Things’ Issue, James Cameron Reveals

James Cameron Reveals

As Avatar The Way of Water continues to blow up worldwide, James Cameron has indicated he’s game- planning far into the future.

pen- director Cameron has told Entertainment Weekly that he’s shot scenes from a proposed icon 3 and icon 4 coincidently with the lately released effect. He did so to avoid having the youngish cast members age- eschewal, bringing up Netflix’s Foreigner effects as an illustration of the problem of time marching on.
The Way of Water introduces Tuk( Trinity Jo- Li Bliss, who was 7 times old when cast and is now 13) and Spider( Jack Champion, who was 12 when cast, but is now 18). Because Champion was “ growing like a weed, ” the alternate, third, and first act of the fourth movie had to be done in one product, Cameron said.

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“ else, you get – and I love Stranger effects – but you get the Stranger effects effect, where they ’re supposed to still be in high academy( but) they look like they ’re 27, ” Cameron said. “ You know, I love the show. It’s okay, we ’ll suspend unbelief. We like the characters. But, you know. ”

Patron Jon Landau also revealed in the same composition that forthcoming flicks will feature new biomes. “ Each superhero movie is going to introduce cult to new clans, new societies on Pandora, ” Landau said. “ Once we introduce a character, they stay a part of the ongoing elaboration. We just add to it. So you can anticipate to see the Metkayina that you meet in this movie in posterior pictures. There are other clans that we ’ll introduce in movie 3 that you ’ll see in movie 4 and so on and so forth. ”
So far, Avatar The Way of Water has generated$ 168 million domestically and further than$ 500 million worldwide.


Avatar: Why James Cameron waited 13 years to release The Way of Water

It took thirteen years to finally discover in theaters “The Way of Water”, the sequel to “Avatar”. But why did James Cameron take so long to give birth to this new adventure on Pandora?

Thirteen. It took thirteen years between the theatrical release of Avatar and that of its sequel, The Way of Water. A chasm, an eternity, an anomaly in a business world that wants that after a cinematographic success (and we are talking about the biggest of all time), a new opus is usually very quickly started.

So why did James Cameron take so long to give birth to this new film? In a recent interview with GQ, the Canadian filmmaker gave the answer, recounting, with attention to detail, how the Avatar

“I knew that with Avatar, I was embarking on a project that would last several years, a project that would really be on the order of a decade,” Cameron says. “Everyone was anxious, impatient, about the sequel, which always felt like the film was pushed back, pushed back, and pushed back again.”

“But in fact, the film was never really postponed until we were faced with the pandemic, where, there, we had to postpone it for a year,” the 68-year-old director continues. “We never really decided when we would start production. We wanted to start when everything was really ready, you know?”

Before Avatar 2, a look back at 3 incredible exploits of James Cameron on a set

“There was the technology, there was the design, there were the scripts. It took a year and a half to write the three screenplays and then six months for me to realize that the first script had to be split into two films,” Cameron said. “Then it took me 18 months to go back and personally rewrite the four scripts to be shot, including the split of the first sequel in two.”

“So we started production five years ago, in September 2017. It took us those five years to shoot all of Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and part of Avatar 4. As well as to work on the post-production of Avatar 2 and part of that of Avatar 3. Because parts of Avatar 3 are actually already being prepared as we speak.”

The thirteen years that separate Avatar from its sequel have therefore been used to work on the extension of the franchise, until a fifth part of which we do not even know yet if it will see the light of day. But Cameron has been busy on other projects during that time.

In 2012, for example, the Canadian explored for several hours the Challenger Deep, the deepest site in the Earth’s crust located in the Mariana Trench, setting a solo depth record aboard a mini submarine. The objective of this expedition in the Pacific Ocean: to collect samples and images to better understand the area, which is particularly unknown.

Between the two Avatars, James Cameron, who wrote and produced the feature films Alita: Battle Angel and Terminator: Dark Fate, has finally invested in the vegan cause. The Canadian produced a documentary on the subject, The Game Changers, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan. Did you say hyperactive?


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