Avengers Endgame: Black Widow and Hawkeye

Avengers Endgame: Black Widow and Hawkeye should have fought against Thanos

The touching scene between Black Widow and Hawkeye did not look anything like the one you saw in Avengers Endgame.

Avengers Endgame is back in the cinema in a new version containing unpublished scenes. A good opportunity to relive the thrills of his first outing, and maybe even shed some tears. Particularly during the famous scene on Vormir, in which the two friends Black Widow and Hawkeye fight to know which of the two will lose their life in exchange for the Stone of the soul. At the end of this difficult duel, it is finally Natasha Romanoff who manages to throw himself into the void. What if you were told that it was not really what the scene looked like? At first, both had to fight against Thanos and a part of his army.

“It’s a scene we shot again because it was a lot more complicated than the one in Endgame, there’s an attack, Thanos is in a ship or something like that, and there’s plenty of aliens running in all directions, and it was too complicated, so what they did was that we shot the scene, always with the same kind of idea, but this time we went beat one against the other to commit suicide for the Stone of the Soul. ” explained Jeremy Renner, at the ACE Comic-con in Seattle. This powerful scene, which highlights the links between Natasha and Clint, would probably have been rather cacophonous if Thanos had been part of it. To push the knife a little deeper into the wound, discover a touching picture of Black Widow and Hawkeye in Avengers Endgame.



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