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Avengers Endgame: Iron Man missed his only chance to visit this iconic MCU

Avengers Endgame: Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) improvised this moving scene

Robert Downey Jr. is truly at the center of the Infinity War sequel, which marks not only his reverence at the MCU but also the heyday of more than ten years in the role of Tony Stark. The star is so impregnated by his character of vigilante in armor that she improvised some replicas, that the filmmakers chose to keep in the final editing! In addition to this already cult phrase Avengers Endgame, the actor is also behind the “Liar!” poignant heard during his painful exchange with Steve Rogers. While drifting into the Benatar with Nebula, Captain Marvel rescues them and brings them back to the base, where Tony Stark treats Cap ‘as a liar. During this intense confrontation between the two men, it is to Robert Downey Jr himself that we owe this injunction.

“I think it was one of [Robert] Downey’s most inspirational performances in the movie, he’s coming back to that, that guy who felt abandoned by his father-you can see his trust issues and intimacy at that moment when he turns to Cape Downey has done this scene with a lot of energy, we have not done it many times, because he was so busy, he understood it very well,” said Anthony Russo, one of the co-directors of the film, during his interview with Empire. In Avengers Endgame, Iron Man has definitely had many of his iconic replicas decided at the last moment, many improvised by his interpreter. This “Liar!” that he exclaims is one of the most upsetting and prepares us to attend a film rich in emotions …


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