Avengers Infinity War: The youth of Thanos unveiled on new concepts-arts

Hard to believe, but Thanos did have a youth! The proof!
Knowing that he literally eradicated half of the universe with a snap of his fingers, it’s hard to imagine that Thanos could have had a youth or even a real empathy brown (we do not endorse his ideology of balance). And yet, a concept of the artist Justin J. Sweet gives an idea of what a younger version of Thanos would have looked like in Infinity War. The final version of the film gave us a brief look back at his life, when he conquered the birthplace of Gamora, as a child, and took him with him. This sequence showed what Thanos looks like in his huge battle armor, at the center of his power and ambition. But in other versions of the script, it was planned to dive much further into the Titan’s past and further explore his home planet.

n an interview, screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely revealed that there was even a much longer flashback sequence on Titan, his native land, at its peak: “In some drafts, we spent more time on a Utopian Titan where we had a deeper view of the Thanos story, but in the end it was all you really needed, and the rest was rather free. ” Still, discovering a rejuvenated version of Thanos slightly changes our perspective of the character. Even if, from an external point of view, there is only the look that changes, since no focus is made on his face. It remains to be seen whether his ideas have evolved as much as his physique since he has come to want to eliminate half of all life. How come to such extreme proportions? Only Thanos knows it and perhaps will explain it in more detail in Avengers Endgame, alongside another enemy of the Avengers probably back!

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