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Black Widow: This theory about Natasha Romanoff in Avengers Endgame could change the plot of the film


The plot of Black Widow attracts more and more rumor, when is it really happening? This theory could change the way we see the movie!

All fans of Marvel comics know that characters are rarely really dead when they are killed by screenwriters. And it is on this fact that many theories rest on a possible return of Natasha Romanoff. Since the announcement of the beginning of production of the movie Black Widow, everyone has ruled a prequel, since the spy has sacrificed in Avengers Endgame to recover the Stone of the soul and as the directors have several times asserted in an interview: His death is irreversible. But many details crumple fans more picky. Notably the fact that Red Skull mentioned his father, telling him that he is a man named Ivan, whom she seems to know. Why bring her name to the table if it is not to exploit the search for Natasha’s origins afterward?


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