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Captain Marvel: An adaptation of Secret Invasion with the Kree in the sequel?

Here’s a little idea of what Carol Danvers has to offer for the rest of her adventures
Now that we know that unlike comics, the Skrulls are nice in the MCU, we wonder how to interpret the post-generic scenes of Spider-Man Far From Home. If Talos and his wife have taken the place of Nick Fury and the big boss is on their spaceship in space, it’s for a good reason. And according to the site We Got This Covered, it’s because the Kree are preparing a massive invasion of the Earth, like the Skrulls in the comics. In Captain Marvel 2, we would attend a very free adaptation of the arc Secret Invasion, but the blue version, not green!

Apparently, the writers have planned to base this sequel in the present time and no longer in the 1990s. The action would happen mostly in space, which was also teased by not only Avengers Endgame, but also by Spider-Man Far From Home. It would not be any more surprising then that all the Avengers put themselves in the shoes of the Guardians of the Galaxy when Carol Danvers will call to the rescue. Especially since Samuel L. Jackson confirmed that Nick Fury would be in Captain Marvel 2, removing the doubt about the continuity of his character. In the end, he is not at all besides the plate as one might have thought in the situation Mysterio, he just, as usual, three shots ahead of everyone. Hat, we cross our fingers so that these rumors about the plot prove true, that would be crispy to perfection.



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