Dark Fate Terminator: Return of John Connor

Dark Fate Terminator: Return of John Connor

The director and actors of Dark Fate Terminator were present at Comic Con San Diego 2019, we tell you everything!

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All Terminator fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the ultimate (or not) franchise, which sees Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger return to Sarah Connor and the T-800. And if there is a big difference between the old and the new Terminator model, the actors have not changed much over the years. At least their energy and passion for history remain intact, as they proved at the movie panel at San Diego’s Comic Con. Before unveiling new scenes of the feature film, the actors lent themselves to the game of confessions. The most surprising is the announcement of the return of Edward Furlong in the role of John Connor! Sarah’s son will be fine in the film, even if one wonders if it will not appear in flashback, since it may be dead. This will surely have impacted her mother’s life even more, Linda Hamilton says, “The richness of my life experience will only strengthen the character I play.” My hard work has been the in-depth exploration of the life of my mother. The soul of this woman with whom life has not been tender … I had to face my deepest sorrows and moments of loss, and that is what makes Sarah Connor, Sarah Connor “.

On these statements opened the new images of the film, which mainly consisted of a chase between the two new Terminators, even if one is human and the side of the Gentiles, while the other is pure manufacture and determination. We also learn that if Sarah Connor is so quick to protect Dani, it’s because she’s been there and she knows how horrible this is, even with the presence of the T-800 for protect. By the way, big news too, the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger is now called Carl! Then she explains to them briefly that she has been her life for all these years, not forgetting to point out that she has saved more than 3 billion people by preventing the Day of Judgment in Terminator 2 An end that will have a significant impact on Terminator Dark Fate, even if you will not know how to go see the movie on October 23, 2019!



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