Fast and Furious 9: Filming is over, Vin Diesel teases the movie

Fast and Furious 9: Filming is over, Vin Diesel teases the movie

The end of the filming of Fast and Furious 9. While it will be necessary to wait until May 2020 for its exit, Vin Diesel is said: “extremely proud” of this film.

If director Justin Lin described Fast and Furious 9 as the “most ambitious project of the franchise”, it was not for the least grueling. The shooting has just finished and Vin Diesel can finally blow. To celebrate this good news, he said on Instagram: “After the longest shooting of my career, that of Fast 9 … A film of which I am extremely proud (…) Before starting the entire promotion from my next films, I take a minute to celebrate the wonderful family I have been blessed with, I am very grateful for the holidays, and I will even add perfect timing. ”


Screenshot of Vin Diesel’s Instagram account

The air of nothing and shirtless, he took advantage of the passage to teaser several projects: “I’m so impatient. sequel to Fast, Xander Cage, Riddick… Groot.Not to mention the possibility of a new Last Hunter of Witches and the sequel to Bloodshot “. Uh … Ah okay. If the actor says he is “proud” of this shoot, he seems as well exhausted. At the same time, we understand it. He and the other actors shot in no less than six cities (London, Edinburgh, Tbilisi (Georgia), Phuket & Krabi (Thailand), and Los Angeles). If Vin Diesel seems so attached to Fast and Furious 9, it’s probably because he knows that this film should be the penultimate of the franchise, the 10 markings the end clap. Rest assured, when there are more, there are still some: the franchise would return under Hobbs and Shaw, a second spin-off is currently under discussion. Meanwhile, Fast and Furious 9 is set to May 20, 2020!

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