Fast and Furious 9: Vin Diesel calls Paul Walker tribute The best moment in film history

Vin Diesel did not hesitate to say in an interview that the farewell scene between Dominic and Brian at the end of Fast 7 is the best in the cinema!

While Vin Diesel was ready to do anything to prevent this from happening, the release date of Fast and Furious 9 was finally postponed by a year! A heavy blow for the star and his colleagues, for the filming team as well as for the fans of the saga … It is, therefore, an opportunity for the actor to remember some of the most moving parts of the franchise. And in particular the famous farewell scene between Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Connor at the end of the seventh installment, just after the tragic death of his interpreter, Paul Walker. Currently, in the middle of promoting his film Bloodshot, Vin Diesel told the NME website that he considers this to be the best moment in the history of cinema!


Paul Walker and Vin Diesel

fast and furious 9

“It was a really hard time. But there was comfort in the fact that we were able to protect ourselves from the natural whim of a producer or anyone else who would say, ‘Well now you’re going avenge the character, “and use it as a plot. We could do something so beautiful and classy. This may be the best moment in film history. Not just in my career, but in the history of cinema. Men all around the world, everyone started to cry, but for the first time in history men all around the globe were able to cry all together “explains Vin Diesel. The presence of Paul Walker is felt again and again in the franchise: a nod to Brian O’Connor in Fast and Furious 9 has been confirmed by the director. But from there to say that the farewell scene between him and Dom ‘and the best moment in the history of cinema, it is perhaps a little exaggerated … We let you judge!


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