Game of Thrones Kit Harington fit, he's back in London after leaving his rehab

Game of Thrones Kit Harington fit, he’s back in London after leaving his rehab

Good news Harington Kit came out of rehab. And according to this new information, the actor is much better.

Last May, Game of Thrones fans learned the sad news. Shaken by the end of HBO’s flagship series, Kit Harington made the brave decision to enter a luxurious Connecticut rehab facility. There, the former interpreter of Jon Snow was able to cure his stress and his problem of addiction to alcohol. A break that seems to have done him the greatest good. Indeed, as you can see in these clichés unveiled by the Daily Mail, the British actor has recently seen a shark during a walk in the streets of London. Finished the rehab, the companion of Rose Leslie has finally made a comeback to his relatives. Photos accompanied by the good news about the comedian.

Kit Harington is in top form since his stay in a rehabilitation center. “He feels a little better and is now moving forward, it was a positive experience for him to step back and relax without all these pressure factors, he was able to clear things up and he feels optimistic. He has learned a lot about himself and is now focused on getting better, he is happy to be back in London and is ready to go back to his life. step and lives from day to day “confessed a source to the media. Reassuring statements that are sure to delight fans of the actor. In the rest of the news, know that Elsa Pataky was charmed by Chris Hemsworth long before meeting him.







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