Review: Spider-Man: New Generation

Spider-Man: New Generation follows the adventures of Miles Morales, an African-American and Puerto Rican teenager who lives in Brooklyn and strives to integrate into his new college in Manhattan. But Miles’ life is complicated when he is bitten by a radioactive spider and finds himself super-powers: he is now able to poison his opponents, to hide, to literally stick to the walls and ceilings; its hearing is multiplied … At the same time, the most formidable criminal brain of the city, the Caid, has developed a nuclear particle accelerator capable of opening a portal to other worlds. His invention will provoke the arrival of several other versions of Spider-Man in the world of Miles, including an older Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Black, Spider-Pig and Peni Parker, coming from a cartoon Japanese.

Who is this Spider-Man really aimed at? That’s the question I asked myself when I left the dark room. On the one hand, this film requires to have a rather pronounced Araignesque culture in order to capture all its subtleties. Nevertheless, on the other side, his story is mounted on rails-no-more-classic.

For adults … and little ones
For the first point, Spider-Man: New Generation is a success at all times. Basing its pitch on recent intrigues (even if it’s been a few years) of Tier radius comic, namely the implication of multiverse multiple Spider-Man, Sony’s film allows us to offer no less than six Spider-XXX (XXX is not necessarily Man). In addition to that, multiple references, humor mastered, a sublime Stan Lee caméo and meta jokes are scattered. The best is however the hilarious post-generic scene. In this game, Spider-Man: New Generation bursts Deadpool by technical knockout in the first round. I really enjoyed myself. On the other hand, you really have to know the universe of the Weaver so that it is a fendard. Otherwise, it may go over your head.

For the second point, that’s where I was disappointed. Despite the involvement of the multiverse, we remain far from comic delirium to be confined to a simple and classic origin story that is only relevant to those who have never known Miles Morales. And again … Given the proximity of its origins with those of Peter Parker. One of the good things about Homecoming is that it spares us this redundant origin story. I was amused by a New Generation surprise that reminded me of the Vulture in Homecoming.

In short, to summarize my disappointment, I was swelled by the side “I discover my powers, I take my first steps, I stumble and I end up becoming a real superhero. By cons, I would not be totally honest in not saying that I was sometimes touched. What to say, the old strings are still as effective.

Peter Porker’s words come to mind
To finish, the animation. The more I get older, the more I realize that animation films are no longer my cup of tea (besides, I do not like tea). At least, animated movies for kids. It’s nice, but I can not hang on more than that. It annoys me to realize that I’m getting older … But that’s not what I wanted to talk about, but about style.

Big plus point, there is not a single style, but a mix between several and the effect is really successful. I love the worlds of Spider-Man Black and the Spider-Man Manga (Penis Parker, or something of the style) that really stands out. Too bad they are so little exploited. I also enjoyed the BDesque sequence of the discovery of powers.

On the other hand, flat. But what are these “technical bugs”? I’m talking about these lags (sometimes, without warning, the animation of the characters jerk – it is especially present at the beginning of the film then it fades without actually disappearing) and this effect of ghosting (as if we were watching a film in 3D without glasses). They are necessarily voluntary, because it is impossible not to realize it. I guess it’s meant to give a real style, but it bothered me.

By Christophe Menat curious to see the continuation hoping that it goes even further, December 14, 2018.

Spider-Man: New Generation is a cake that has been cut in two parts. The first part is a delight for the 30-year-old Spider-Man comic book that I’m with references and meta jokes galore. The second part gave me a stomach ache with a classic story so classic that I got bored in front. Nevertheless it was good, this cake!






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