sonic dwayne johnson

Sonic, the film: Dwayne Johnson present in the sequel?

sonic dwayne johnson

A Sonic actor teases the presence of The Rock in Sonic 2!

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Sequel Rumored To Cast John Cena And/Or Dwayne Johnson!


Sonic, the film is the best video game ever made! The famous blue hedgehog confronted Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) in this adaptation at full speed and we tell you about it in our review. Faced with such success, Paramount Pictures strongly imagines giving a follow-up to Sonic. And an international star could join the cast alongside the famous Jim Carrey! Interviewed at the Fan Expo in Vancouver, Neal McDonough, who plays Major Bennington, explains that Dwayne Johnson would be in talks with the producers: “I’m really looking forward to discovering this sequel. And I understood that The Rock would be in it. The Rock is in the sequel to all the movies anyway. ”

Sonic the film Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

And the negotiations should not belong because the producers of Sonic, the film are also those of the Fast and Furious franchise! The only thing that could cause them problems is that the filming of the tenth part of Fast and Furious takes place at the same time as the sequel to Sonic. The Rock already had a “small role” in the blue hedgehog project because he lent his voice to a short cameo. It’s very crazy to say: “I loved playing Sonic in (high school)”. Several moons later … Life can be so wildly unpredictable at times,” he wrote on Twitter. Given his enthusiasm, we suspect that the future interpreter of Black Adam will do everything to be part of the suite! In the meantime, we let you discover (and fall in love) with Fluffly Sonic!






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