Star Wars 9

Star Wars 9: A “moving and meaningful” conclusion of the Skywalker Arc?

J.Abrams discusses the issues of The Rise of Skywalker and the expectations of fans.


J. Abrams has a heavy pressure on his shoulders since with The Rise of Skywalker he will have to put an end to the epic saga of the Anakin family. A difficult task, because the fans have huge expectations about this episode 9! Especially since it will follow The Last Jedi, one of the most controversial parts of the franchise. A responsibility that the director confided in an interview with Entertainment Weekly journalists. “The ends are the thing that scares me the most,” says the filmmaker. “It’s about putting an end to this saga in a way that is moving and meaningful, but also satisfying in the sense that it responds [ as many questions as possible “.

Star Wars 9: moving and meaningful

And The Rise of Skywalker will have the daunting task of not only bringing a conclusion to the George Lucas franchise initiated in 1977 but also of being the logical continuation of the eight episodes that precede. “So if in a few years from now, someone is watching these movies, the nine in a row, he will see a story as coherent as possible,” JJ Abrams adds. “But we were really, really aware that this is the end of the trilogy and that it must satisfy [the public]. We landed in there knowing that this had to be the conclusion. We do not do nonsense. ” The director is so devoted to the outcome of the saga that he even organized the return of Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars 9 … That’s saying!





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