The Eternal: A 7 Stone of Infinity unveiled

The Eternal: A 7 Stone of Infinity unveiled

What if Marvel Studios decided to introduce the 7th Stone of Infinity into the MCU?

If you thought the whole arc around the Stones of Infinity ended with Avengers Endgame, you may have to backtrack. Because the story of the film The Eternals should be centered on the character of Sersi, played by Angelina Jolie. However, she is one of the only comics to have tasted the immeasurable power of the 7th Pierre! Yes, there are not 6, but 7 if we add to the count the Ego Stone, arrival in the comics during a crossover with Malibu Comics. You saw the power of the 6 Stones together, able to send half of the universe in dust with a snap of a finger? Well, you say that the Ego Stone has the same power, but all alone. And that the 7 together have the power to revive Nemesis, a great villain of its kind! Or rather the opposite elsewhere!

Appeared in 1995 in the Avengers / Ultraverse crossover comics series, it would contain the consciousness of Nemesis and even took possession of Sersi at some point, so it is likely that the screenplay shows us the efforts of the Eternals to hide the gem from the rest of the universe. Its owner has the power to resist the power of the other 6 stones in combo, which would have been rather practical for the Avengers, they would have much less galley. The problem is that it should introduce the Ultraverse and have the rights on Malibu Comics, which is not certain. But the good surprise, it would be that it allows the reintroduction of Loki in the MCU, since it is him that he found it in the comics! Perhaps his Disney + series will focus on finding this gem, after fleeing with the Stone of Space.



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