Thor 4: Will Eitri Peter Dinklage be in the movie?

Thor 4: Will Eitri Peter Dinklage

thor 4 - Thor 4: Will Eitri Peter Dinklage be in the movie?

The King of the Dwarves might well cross the road of the Thunder God again …
Taika Waititi will be back at the helm of the fourth installment of the Blond God franchise, four years after the successful Ragnarok, who was giving the saga a real boost. He could come back behind the camera by taking with him several of the stars of his previous film, including the evil half-sister Loki and Thor, Hela (Cat Blanchett) and the hilarious Grand Master (Jeff Goldblum). And that’s not all since nothing will prevent him from digging through the vast gallery of characters who have crossed the road of the vigilante of Asgard. Love and Thunder, in which the God and the Goddess of thunder will be reunited (as on this incredible poster made fan), will he also count the presence of Eitri?

thor4 - Thor 4: Will Eitri Peter Dinklage be in the movie?

The King of the Dwarves, embodied in the MCU by actor Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), crossed the road of the God of Thunder on the occasion of a sequence on his planet, Nidavellir. Indeed, Eitri appeared in Avengers Infinity War and helped Thor replace Mjolnir with a new hammer, Stormbreaker, potentially able to destroy worlds. Forged in the heart of a dying star, this new weapon is very badass! According to the site, We Got These Covered, persistent rumors indicate that this character could be in the cast of Love and Thunder, which of course, has not yet been confirmed or reversed by Marvel Studios. However, that would be an interesting addition, so we cross our fingers!

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