The Eternals Did Thor Ragnarok Tease Their Arrival

The Eternals: Did Thor Ragnarok Tease Their Arrival?

The Eternals Did Thor Ragnarok Tease Their Arrival

The year 2020 has started, which means that we are a few months away from the launch of phase 4 of the MCU. If we can’t wait for Black Widow to open the festivities, we’ve been waiting for his solo film for a good number of years, and we’re especially impatient to discover new characters. The first to enter will be the Eternals, the cosmic heroes with infinite powers. These defenders of humanity have been present in the universe for a long time, and even know the existence of the Avengers. So we wondered where the Eternals were during the clash with Thanos. We don’t have the answer yet, however, it may be that their existence has already been teased in the MCU, and notably in Thor Ragnarok.


As can be seen above, a Reddit user noticed a familiar green and pink spaceship in one of Thor Ragnarok’s scenes. It indeed looks like another ship that appeared in the pages of The Endless comic books. The passage in the film being stealthy, difficult to know how similar the two machines are, and if they are really one. However, in the comics, the worlds of Thor and the Eternals have already met more than once, so it seems likely that this ship was not there by chance. The Eternals taking place over almost 7000 years, we imagine that we will learn even more about the presence, discreet, of these new heroes throughout the history of the MCU.

The Eternals Thor Ragnarok


New video from the Eternals set showing what possibly could be an action sequence involving Gemma Chan’s character Sersi. Chloe Zhao is really taking things on a whole new level with all the sets built, real locations and practical effects.

The Eternals: A big action scene teased by filming in London

The filming of the Eternals in London gives us a new taste of what we can discover in the film.

A highly anticipated film from phase 4 of the MCU, Les Éternels is currently filming in the streets of London. Very recent photos let us see Sprite (Lia McHugh) and Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani), and confirmed the existence of a love story between the Dark Knight (Kit Harington) and the Eternal Sersi (Gemma Chan). The new cosmic superheroes of the MCU are not ready to leave London since, as mentioned in the notification below, the shooting of a big action scene is planned this week in the famous district of Camden and all along from Regents Canal.



The film The Endless continues in London, and we have (FINALLY) a glimpse of Richard Madden in the role of the powerful Ikaris

the eternals ikaris


What is all dressed in black and floats in the sky of London? No, it is not a UFO (at least not to our knowledge), but rather Richard Madden (Bodyguard), in the midst of filming the film Les Éternels. We finally have photographs of the actor in the role of Ikaris. However, do not get carried away too quickly, he is not in his Eternal costume which we had seen last year at expo D23. In the photos and the video that you can discover just below, he is seen hanging over a bridge, in front of a crowd of passers-by. There are also red dots on her outfit, which will no doubt be replaced once the special effects have been added.


This scene would be part of an important action sequence in The Endless, currently filming in London’s Camden district. According to the statements of certain people present, this would be a face to face with the Deviants. The latter would try to bring the Eternals out of the shadows, so that they reveal their existence to the whole world, and therefore to the Avengers. Faced with the attack of their lifelong enemies, they would not resist and protect the inhabitants of the city. These details are nevertheless to be taken with tweezers because this explanation has absolutely nothing official. It will, therefore, be necessary to wait a little more before having confirmation. For now, besides the romance between Sersi and the Dark Knight, the only confirmed details about The Endless are in the synopsis shared by Marvel Studios.


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