venom 2 carnage and shriek

Venom 2: New Details About Carnage and Shriek Revealed

venom 2 carnage and shriek

The scenario of Venom 2 is revealed further with new clues related to the characters of Carnage and Shriek.

In the middle of filming when it will be released by the end of the year, Venom 2 remains a mystery. If rumors around a cameo of Tom Holland and the appearance of Spider-Man in front of the symbiote regularly punctuate the news around the film, the shooting of the latter could have taught us today some details about the script and more particularly on the characters of Carnage and Shriek. If the spectator had not had the opportunity to see the latter in the first part, he had still been able to discover, during a brief instant, the prisoner Cletus Kasady – and future Carnage – in the guise of Woody Harrelson. HN Entertainment reports Venom 2 would pick up where it left off when Cletus is about to be executed by the state of California after committing a series of murders.

venom 2 carnage and shriek
Carnage and Shriek.

As you can guess, things will not go as planned and Cletus will manage to escape from Ravenscroft, alongside another inmate by the name of Frances Louise Barrison, aka Shriek. If the character played by Woody Harrelson does not seem to carry within him the symbiote at the time of his escape, it is not yet known how Carnage will make Cletus a formidable super-villain. Nevertheless, it would seem that the director of Venom 2, Andy Serkis, chose to approach the original story of the comics, by choosing to approach the origins of the character, judging by some photos posted last year by Tom Hardy. According to the story created by the screenwriter David Michelinie and the designer Mark Bagley, after several murders, Cletus was sent to the Orphanage where he quickly became the victim of both the students and the guards. He then took revenge by assassinating the Master and burning the orphanage and led until his arrest, a life of a serial killer. That said, it is certain that if the scenario of Venom 2 were to take this direction, the fans of the first hour would be delighted, which guarantee great success in theaters from October 2 next.





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