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Venom 2: Woody Harrelson Carnage reveals himself in detail in these new filming photos

Cletus Kasady may be a serial killer and the worst enemy of Venom, he is rather cool in these new shooting photos!

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After Tom Hardy unveiled the first glimpse of Carnage (Woody Harrelson) in Venom 2, it appears even more clearly on new filming photos shared by Just Jared. Dressed in the Hawaiian shirt seen on the photo posted by his co-star on Instagram, the actor definitely does not have the same quickdraw as in the post-generic scene of the first film. Goodbye red curly wig and a white blouse, welcome short shaved cut on the sides and cool clothes! Moreover, we note that the clothes and accessories of the villain will follow a very clear guideline: everything is predominantly red, which is reminiscent of Carnage, the blood-colored symbiote.

venom 2 carnage
Woody Harrelson on the set of Venom 2

carnage venom 2
This is particularly the case of the magnificent red car he drives, and which we find on this video shooting of Venom 2, in which Cletus Kasady becomes Carnage in front of the police. An accessory that gives the villain a casual look that intrigues us! Currently filmed in the city of Oakland, in the bay of San Francisco in California, the continuation of the saga carried by Tom Hardy should be as engaging as the first film while retaining a rather fun and second-degree tone. At least that’s what these images suggest of serial killer Cletus Kasady, who for the moment looks like nothing more than a rich tourist on the loose on the west coast of the United States. ..





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