Avengers Endgame: Iron Man missed his only chance to visit this iconic MCU

Why is Iron Man one of the public’s favorite superheroes?

Tony Stark aka Iron Man is undoubtedly one of the favorites of the MCU fans. Yes but why?

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The film universe of Marvel includes many heroes, and newcomers will not be long in coming, like Les Eternels. There is one, in particular, who will have known how to mark the MCU with his name: Iron Man. The MCU will debut with him in Iron Man, released in 2008, and the race for infinity stones will be completed with him this year, in Avengers Endgame. Yet, this is not the kind of hero to be perfect in any respect. Sometimes stubborn, arrogant at the edges,, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, will have played with the nerves of his teammates and the S.H.I.E.L.D more than once. So why does he remain one of the favorite heroes of the public?

Why is Iron Man one of the public’s favorite superheroes?
Tony Stark changed the game. A secret identity? Very little for him! Left to take the risk of exposing himself and his relatives to the reprisals of (super) criminals. Challenge his enemies, he will not do it once. Remember, in Iron Man 3, he proposed a duel to the Mandarin, and even gave him his address, after Happy was injured in an explosion. In Captain America: Civil War, he also did not hesitate to fight alone against Bucky and Steve. And that’s without counting the many times he has rejected the authority of the H.-L.I.E.L.D or the Secretary of State. Courageous, Tony Stark is sure of himself and his convictions (at least in appearance). He knows where he wants to go, and how he wants to go. This assurance, imposing, commands respect.

Why is Iron Man one of the public’s favorite superheroes?

It’s a burnt head, but not only. Of course, the heart that beats below the armor is a bit peculiar, but it remains a heart. Under his air I do not care and selfish, Tony Stark hides a great sensitivity. The events of the first Avengers movie completely changed him and traumatized him, to the point of anguishing and paralyzing him, as shown in Iron Man 3. He is afraid and feels overwhelmed. He also knows how to be a mentor and parent. Witness the way he takes Peter Parker under his wing, and the loving and present father he wants to be for his daughter. All in all, he tries to be the kind of father that Howard Stark has never been to him.

Why is Iron Man one of the public’s favorite superheroes?
Tony Stark is a hero, but he is also a brain. After all, the armor of Iron Man and the arc reactor, as well as all the evolutions they have known, are his creations. Not to mention the artificial intelligence Jarvis, and the famous Ultron. He also brought the missing piece to allow the Avengers to travel back in time. Do you have trouble running your microwave? Call him, and he will turn him into a cooking robot! It’s simple, Iron Man is a genius.

Why is Iron Man one of the public’s favorite superheroes?
While he is loved by all (or almost), but it was a rather bad start. Let’s not forget that at the very beginning, he used his knowledge to build weapons (two, three small missiles), which he sold to just everyone. He finally followed a path of redemption, during which he learned from his mistakes. He has evolved. Although tragic, its epic end against Thanos is the most beautiful proof. He, who is often portrayed as the most selfish of all, ended up giving his life to save that of others. A new poster for Avengers Endgame pays tribute to him. Tony Stark is a complex and powerful hero, with a personality as flamboyant as endearing, which does not leave marble. And it’s good for all these reasons, and more, that we love it!



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