The Eternals: The costumes of the next heroes are revealed


We can not wait to discover the first images of the Marvel adaptation!

While the shooting of the Eternals began (almost without incident), Angelina Jolie and Richard Madden had to be evacuated from the shooting, the photos of the latter also offer us our lot of information. And for good reason, several clichés unveil today the costume of some performers like Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, and Brian Tyree Henry, below. Embodying respectively Thena, Sersi and Phastos, these images reveal a first glimpse of what the film Les Éternels could give. As a reminder, created by the Celestials, the Eternals will fight the Deviants, after isolating themselves from the world for a while.




Pictures of the filming of the Eternals featuring Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, and Brian Tyree Henry.


If we still do not know what the scenario will be like, several shooting photos give us clues as to the look of these new superheroes. Indeed, while we already discovered the character of Thena on the first shooting photos, it is the turn of his co-stars to reveal themselves. We can guess costumes that are reminiscent of those worn by the Gods. Taking place 1 million years before the Avengers, the film Les Éternels will take place so far back, this may explain including medieval scenery teasant a possible explanation of the origins of Black Knight (Kit Harington). Or could it be cosmic costumes, referring to the origins of the Eternals? We note that the clothes also look like the “character” of each character. Therefore, Thena imposes herself as a warrior in a kind of immaculate white armor, while Phastos seems to wear a costume reminiscent of the inventor he is. One certainty is that we are looking forward to discovering the official images to admire more closely the costumes of the Eternals!

The Eternals: The costume of Ikaris Richard Madden is revealed a little more on a concept-art

The cosmic superhero Ikaris is ready for action on this concept art from the movie The Endless.

We do not think we are wrong in saying that Les Éternels is one of the films of phase 4 that most arouses curiosity. Between its completely crazy cast and the discovery of a new band of superheroes, there is something to intrigue MCU fans and make them on the lookout for the slightest image. Kevin Feige had already made a gift to the public by revealing a first glimpse of the costumes of the Eternals at the D23 Expo last year. We also got to see some of the characters during the shooting of the film. In particular, that of Ikaris, played by Richard Madden. After seeing it in a civilian version, the latter is revealed a little more in his Eternal costume on concept art.

As in the first preview of the costume, as well as in the comic books, blue remains the color of Ikaris. What draws attention to the image above is not only the superhero’s outfit but also the yellow and red halo on his right hand. This concept of art indeed seems to give a glimpse of his look when he uses his powers. In the synopsis shared by Marvel Studios, he is also described as the most powerful of the Eternals, so we can expect a show of force in the film. Hopefully, we can soon have a more official version of this image, in order to have a complete taste of the band of the Eternals.

Marvel Studios: Nova

The Eternals: Who is Druig, the villain embodied by Barry Keoghan?

In the comics, Ikaris’ cousin is a devilish Eternal who almost destroys the Earth … His story will freak you out!
Barry Keoghan, the 27-year-old Irish actor you have discovered in films such as Dunkirk or The Killing of the Sacred Deer, is part of the eclectic cast of the Eternals. His role? Druig, a fairly enigmatic character who gives our heroes a hard time! Appeared under the pen of Jack Kirby in the 70s, he reveals all his Machiavellian genius in “chapter” 18, when he sets out to destroy a Celestial. And this, even if the power necessary to achieve it will destroy the Earth … Although the official synopsis of the Eternals revealed by Marvel does not mention the name of this character, that does not mean that it could not prove to be a “surprise” threat!

When discovered for the first time, he and his family of the Eternals of the Polar Mountains act in the guise of high ranking officers of the Russian army. Let’s not forget that at the time of writing these comics, we are in the middle of the Cold War (1947 – 1991). This is how his brothers describe him in his role as a soldier: “Born torturer! You love this job! You only like to plot and train assassins!”. Lovely, isn’t it? This son of Valkin is, however, a cousin of Ikaris, but he absolutely did not inherit his greatness of soul and his love for justice. So here he is, forcing the sorcerer Sigmar to reveal to him the secrets of a weapon that can convert the Celestials into pure energy, used for the first time during the visit of the 2nd cohort on Earth.

5 superhero

It is his infernal powers (he tortures the necromancer with flames) that allow Druig to draw worms from his minion’s nose. To find out where the weapon is hidden, he then captures Ikaris (who is the only one who knows it) and subjects him to the torture of the neuro-monster, a creature that attacks the nervous system of living beings. They then go to the Pyramid of Winds, and Druig sets off the weapon! His cousin is therefore forced to destroy him with his optical disintegrator, to stop him before he destroys everything … The shock wave that follows will be stopped by Ziran, a Celeste of the 4th cohort, which we discovered “race” on a new concept-art of the Eternals. Epic, isn’t it? It remains to be seen whether Chloé Zhao, the director, will choose to tell this story …

5 superhero

The Eternals: Black Knight (Kit Harington) and Sersi (Gemma Chan) are very close to these new shooting photos

Will the Human and the Eternal be lovers in the film? These shooting photos give the answer!

The shooting photos of the Eternals on which Gemma Chan flew alongside Kit Harington had put us in the ear, these new photos confirm it: the two superheroes are in love! The very popular romance between Sersi and Dane Whitman, which comic book readers already know, will, therefore, be adapted into the film. Doubt is no longer allowed in front of the young couple embracing photos shared by the Secrets of Eternals Twitter account, where we see the characters standing against the window of a laundromat. It is a scene that takes place at night, but in spite of the darkness, one clearly discerns Black Knight to hold the face of the young woman between his hands on one of the stereotypes. A posture revealing an intense love passion!

Marvel Studios does not have the habit of adapting word for word the plot of the comics (to the chagrin of the fans), it is impossible to know how the relationship between Dane Whitman and Sersi will evolve on the screen. However, if it is inspired by comics, it will not be easy! Especially since they come from two different worlds, the first being a human, while the second is an Eternal. Our lovebirds could suffer a sad fate, if the “unexpected tragedy” teased by the official synopsis of the Eternals, unveiled by Marvel, concerns their romance. Unless the love story between the two characters is only one of the many subplots of the film, with no real impact on the narrative … Other clues will be needed to find out!

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