X-Men - Dark Phoenix: 5 Things to Know About the Movie

X-Men – Dark Phoenix: 5 Things to Know About the Movie

X-Men Dark Phoenix released on June 5 at the cinema, quickly discover 5 things to know absolutely about the movie!

Whether you’re a fan of Mystique, Magnéto and Charles Xavier since 2001 or since X-Men: The Beginning, you can not miss the last part of the saga, expected for June 5! We will finally discover the origin of the extraordinary power of Jean Gray and find our favorite characters for the last time under the banner 20th Century Fox. Jennifer Lawrence, who has had an extraordinary experience turning Dark Phoenix, has already confirmed her final departure from the franchise and it is possible that James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender also take the plunge after almost 10 years of loyal service. And if it’s not enough to convince you to go see the movie, we give you 5 info to know absolutely!

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The plot of the film is essentially based on the comics written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by John Byrne from 1980. Everything revolves around the transformation of Jean Gray into an uncontrollable entity that his family, the X-Men, does not arrive to stem. Simon Kinberg, the director, explains: “This film contrasts radically with the previous opus because the work on which it is based is completely different from the other comics of X-Men from which we have worked in the past. characters are much more complex and emotions more nuanced – much more alive than in many other comics of X-Men “.


Fans of the first saga have been numerous to blame X-Men: The final confrontation his freedom from the plot of comics. The arrival of the Phoenix had, according to them, been clumsily brought, too fast and suffered from a denouement too unconvincing. So they jumped for joy when 20th Century Fox Studios announced a return of the saga in 2011, which actually repaired more or less timeline inconsistencies with X-Men: Days of the Future Past. The two intrigues therefore simply do not follow the events of the same reality and are not connected to each other. X-Men Dark Phoenix is the opportunity for writers to give real substance to the Phoenix and the character of Jean Gray! And that’s good because the director Simon Kinberg is on board since X-Men: Final confrontation, he has either written or co-produced each episode so he knows where he is from and what he is based on. He decided to resume this plot, remaining more faithful to comics and starting on a realization more accomplished, darker and more realistic of the original work.




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