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    Agents of SHIELD S6: the VOST trailer with a big surprise

    Agents of SHIELD season 6: SPOILER alive and present in a first video of the sequel! Season 6 of Agents of SHIELD is supposed to take place without SPOILER, but its presence in a promo video puts everything in question … It will be necessary to take our bad patience before being able to discover […] More

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    The Punisher S2: the Band-announce really pissed VOST!

    “It looked like you were just waiting for that. ” Damn. The first part of the trailer starts quietly to introduce us the replacement of Micro (I’m going to miss this con, I hope it will come back anyway) and announce the return of Billy Russo Jigsaw (rather soft compared to comics, but we must […] More

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    Review: Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3

    blank - Review: Marvel's Daredevil Season 3

    Tumblr tousled readymade literally trust fund migas. Tousled chia beard, ugh church-key keffiyeh Williamsburg vegan occupy vinyl before they sold out Carles street art. Fingerstache leggings Echo Park, brunch four loko locavore cold-pressed paleo cliche More

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    Review: Titans -Season 1

    blank - Review: Titans -Season 1

    Critical We had to wait a little while after the States before being entitled to live Titans at home. At least, it allowed us to enjoy the whole season at once. The ideal for a rush. As Deadpool would say, with Titans, we are in the DC universe. So it’s dark! In this case for […] More

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    Review: Marvel’s The Punisher – Season 2

    blank - Review: Marvel's The Punisher - Season 2

    Critical Attention, this review contains spoilers … His first season at the summit allowed him to look Daredevil straight in the eye after literally doing it during the series dedicated to the Man without fear. Today, Frank Castle returns for a second season. That of confirmation before the inevitable cancellation? Sublime entry into matter On […] More